Modafil MD: Intas pharma modafinil review

buy intas modafilI’m a small business owner who does marketing consulting and data research for corporations. I’m over forty, with extra weight around the middle, and I’ve found it very difficult in the last few years to fit anything in. Like many Americans, I’ve let work take over my life, routinely spending 60 hours a week in the office and never fully unplugging while at home.

Here is my review: In February, I started using 200mg of Modafinil by Intas pharma I bought from Mondaymeds in an effort to reorganize my work and personal life, and I’ve been regularly using Modafil MD since. I take 200mg at 6:00 every morning from M-F, and then take the weekend off (and I try to skip Fridays as often as possible, like the recent July 4th).

The results have been outstanding. I can now routinely work 12 hours a day if I need to, without seeing a breakdown in the quality of the work. This includes a lot of internet research, a lot of writing, and quite a bit of work on the phone. This is high level thinking that often requires good memory recall.

Last month, I was called into a client to discuss sales strategies to be implemented next year. This ended up being a grueling three day marathon session with multiple executives bringing their teams and me speaking for 8 hours a day, then preparing later that night, while still knocking out the rest of my client work at night.

I worked over 40 hours in three days, then drove 6 hours home late at night, and finished two more days of work at home. Sure, I crashed that weekend, but that would have happened with or without the modafinil. The concerns are there – you have to schedule sleep, and not get caught up in working late just because you can. I schedule 6 hours of sleep minimum, and try to get more if I’m presenting late in the week.

The memory recall is great, but if you overdo it, your lack of sleep affects your cognitive abilities the same as if you aren’t taking the Modafil MD pill. You also have to eat right (your appetite is suppressed), and force yourself to exercise. As an older guy, I find I can hurt my back by sitting at my desk six hours, so I regularly get up and stretch, move around, and alter my working position.

I have some sleep apnea that runs in the family, but no narcolepsy, and I don’t snore (unless I’m drinking, which I don’t do more than a glass of wine when on the pill), so the only thing I’m overcoming is poor exercise and sleeping habits, combined with some sleep shift disorder when on deadline. But in scheduling my life, I’m improving all three of those areas, which has resulted in significant time savings.

I’m still working a lot, but it’s all useful work. And I can afford to take off in the middle of the day, because 1) I need to, and 2) I know I won’t be “too tired” late at night. As for side effects – I do get dry mouth and had some mouth sores in the second month, but I take choline and a probiotic, brush regularly and do an oral rise, drink plenty of water, and those issues went away.

It’s been a great boon to my career. While I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone – if you’re capable of planning and scheduling your life to avoid the health issues of staying up late, you can make great strides in your career goals. Schedule your sleep, eat right, exercise, take breaks, and find your ideal dose (100-300). Recognize the half life of the drug boosts the amount in your system (Taking 200 mg Intas pharma Modafinil a day will have you at 267 mg on your third day). For me, it’s been very positive.