Best place to buy modafinil in Singapore

Best place to buy modafinil in Singapore

Neo Modafinil is an online pharmacy based in Cyprus and had a great selection of eugeroics such as: Modalert, Waklert, Modvigil and Artvigil. The company specialized in the sale of generic medicines in Singapore, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand Japan and many other countries.

All the modafinil generics that were available at the pharmacy were provided by Indian manufactures Sun Pharma and Hab Pharma. The drugs are sent directly from the manufacturer and delivered to the customers within two weeks standard delivery time. Neo Modafinil offer free trackable shipping for Singapore customers. The trackable courier option is available for countries such as Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, and Japan. 

On their website, you can buy modafinil with significant discount when pay with crypto payments, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Litecoin and other. For example, the best price for Modalert when making payments with Bitcoin or altcoins is just 0.55$/pill. You can also pay for your order using credit and debit cards, through a bank wire or E-check.

It is always possible to contact the pharmacy through a contact form available on the website and by using live help.

Reviews of Neo Modafinil from Singapore

There are many reviews about the pharmacy that offer useful information about the company. According to customers, the drug store was trustworthy and efficient. The maximum amount of modafinil pills in each order to Singapore is 200 pills.

Customers from Singapore state that the orders were delivered fast and always intact. Also, clients mention the high quality of the drugs sold in the pharmacy.

Reviews 2017

According to Scam Adviser, Pharmacy was considered to be safe. The store had an outstanding support team that was ready to address any of customers’ concerns. Most users gave the score 10 out of 10 rating to the pharmacy.

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Coupon Codes for

You could find various discount codes from the pharmacy’s partners. When making the second order, you will receive a discount of 10%. You will get an additional 20% off when making payments with crypto payments. Returning customers also receive free bonus pills after make a review of their products at neomodafinil site.


Neomodafinil is probably the best place to buy modafinil in Singapore. It is reliable drugstore which has many positive reviews from its real customers. The pharmacy had the insurance policy on ll it’s orders and thus deserved some extra points.