Modafinil stacks: piracetam, noopept, choline, adderall

What is Modafinil?

For people who struggle with staying awake and for those with sleep disorders, Modafinil fast-becoming the drug of choice. It is a wakefulness-promoting drug, and as a result, Modafinil effects on the brain cause the users to experience a number of positive effects, including enhanced cognition, memory, and the ability to stay awake for long period of time.

Modafinil Dosages

Dosages for adults are pretty standard regardless of the purpose of the medication. For narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea/hypopnea syndrome and shift work sleep disorder, adults will generally be prescribed 200 mg oral dosages either in the mornings or prior to shift work start. The elderly are given an appropriately reduced dosage.

Children, however, are a different story. Modafinil is usually only prescribed for Attention Deficit Disorder and is not FDA approved for pediatric use. For this reason, it should be used only in instances where both first-line and second-line treatments were not successful, and where the risks don’t trump any benefits. Should children be prescribed Modafinil for any purpose, the dosages are as follows: 200-340 mg once a day for children less than 30 kg (about 66 lbs.), and 300-425 mg for those over 30 kg (about 66 lbs.).

Side Effects

Side  effects from taking modafinil include headache, chest and neck pain, chills and fever. Additionally, side effects might include any or all of the following: joint disorders, hyperglycemia, abnormal vision, pharyngitis, lung disorders, asthma, dypsnea, nausea, anorexia, vomiting, gingivitis, mouth ulcers, increased thirst, abnormal liver function, hypersalivation, hypotension, arrhythmia, hypertension, irregular heartbeat, nervousness, dizziness, confusion, amnesia, confusion, cataplexy, and more.

Psychiatric effects were also reported. They included delusions, hallucinations, ideas of suicide, and mania. Some psychiatric events resulted in hospitalization, and although some had a prior history with psychiatric events or disorders, not all affected did.

In children, psychiatric events and adverse dermatologic effects (such as severe rash, Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, herpes simplex 1, toxic epidermal necrolysis, and dry skin) have been reported in addition to some of the general side effects experienced by many adults.

Benefits of Modafinil

Modafinil effects on the brain are the primary reason why this medication is prescribed. It increases mental capacity without the same kind of after-effects that other stimulants have (grogginess and becoming tired when it wears off). It is also theorized that Modafinil may improve memory by stimulating brain receptors, as well as improve concentration in some people.

In addition to a direct Modafinil effects on the brain, it can be used to create wakefulness in a number of situations. Although usually prescribed to treat sleep disorders and conditions, it can be used to help people overcome their jet lag, provide a means of avoiding sleep in emergency situations, it can cut the need for sleep in healthy individuals by as much as 2/3, and some people see weight loss as a side effect. It can help those with learning disabilities overcome them – including ADD and ADHD.

Long Term Effects

Many of the long term effects of modafinil usage are still unknown. However, some individuals using Modafinil for several weeks at a time have reported feelings of being trapped in an in-between type of consciousness, feeling neither awake nor the ability to sleep. It may also affect slow-wave sleep and the entire structure of sleep patterns altogether. Some scientists speculate that it may also cause affect memory, but not enough research has been done for any conclusive evidence as to whether any chronic conditions or effects may occur.

Short Term Effects

The short-term effects and benefits of taking Modafinil are clear: those who take this drug experience a sharper mental acuity, including the ability to focus and concentrate. They also are given the ability to function normally, particularly if they have sleeping disorders. This is beneficial for the user, however they may also experience some of the more common side effects that go with it, including dizziness, nausea, anxiety, nervousness and headaches.

Modifinil Research

Research in multiple studies – those who were either single double blind studies, multiple cohort studies, or studies in which at least two or more were double-blind and controlled – Modafinil decreased fatigue, increased cognition, increased working memory, increased attention, increased memory, increased the subjective well-being of participants, increased alertness, increased motivation, and increased processing accuracy. In addition, modafinil also decreased impulsivity, the symptoms of ADHD in children, alcohol dependence, fatigue and reaction times.

Modifinil History

Despite the recent increase in Modafinil’s use, this medicine has been around for several decades. After French chemist Michel Jouvet began to study sleep patterns in the 1950s, he discovered the sleep stages we now refer to and it allowed him to partner with a French pharmaceutical company in an attempt to find a cure for sleeping disorders. He did just that. In the 1970s, following a number of attempts at synthesizing compounds he created his first drug to treat narcolepsy, and the follow-up to that ended up being what we know today as Modafinil. Modafinial was first released for prescription in France in 1994, and it’s use worldwide has grown ever since.

Modafinil Stacks

Many times Modafinil is used in combination with other drugs to produce an increased effect. Some Modafinil stacks include use of the drug with Piracetam in order to enhance memory perception and learning capacity, along with the increased mental acuity that comes with Modafinil. Other common stacks include: Modafinil with Noopept, in order for the user to experience heightened perception of color and music, as well as increased focus; and Modafinil with Phenibut, to decrease anxiety, tension and stress, while increasing memory, thinking and learning abilities. There are many other stacks and many online reviews including modafinil stacks with piracetam, noopept, choline, adderall and other substances. We will post some discussions below taken from different forums. We are not in response of these stacks effectiveness, danger or anything, we  just post what we found from the internet.


Modafinil Piracetam Stack

review 1

MODAFINIL DOES NOT WORKS! I taked it with empty stomach with piracetam its was nothing 150mg i tried first 50 mg no focus wakefulness or attention effect then i tried salbutiamine pyritinol. So my day was so hard i performanced on the maximum and nothing was a life changer only PIRACETAM 7-8000MG i needed to take it because i dont want to be fired. I tied a 825 cables today my hands was in full pain but i did not cared i napped a little for a millisecondum and tried to focus to the momentum but i did it, and my boss was a little satisfied with me. Piracetam is a wonder drug in dose close to 10 000 mg (10g) I was so tired, its was a miracle that i can hold something with my hands. then i keeped go through everything not modafinil helped me but i planning on attack dose 10g and in the night i try memantine so i dont need to worry of glutamergic excitotoxicity.

review 2

1. Take at least 200mg before you decide modafinil doesn’t work. If after a few hours you still don’t feel any different you could decide to take another 200mg. I wouldn’t suggest going this high for the first time, but you already said you tried lower doses. If you don’t get anything from 400mg I’d give up, but you could try 600mg if you wanted to be really sure.

2. What brand did you take? Modvigil is shit and seems plenty of people notice, whereas Modalert is considered consistently good.

3. You could be a non-responder or a weak responder. In this case it’s not modafinil that doesn’t work, it’s your genes. If you’re a weak responder you may well find the dose you need to make it work isn’t worth it.

4. The first few times I tried modafinil I think I was unsure if it worked very well or I thought I’d had a bad reaction (pounding heart on 100mg). Not sure why this happened but after a few more attempts it was consistent.

5. 10g of Piracetam is very high, you know that right? It may not be safe at those levels, or it may be fine. My point is that chronic dosing at this level is taking a certain level of risk, I’m not saying you should stop, just that you should be aware that it’s not necessarily totally safe.

6. Many people (quite a lot of people from what I’ve read) are non-responders to piracetam. For me, I don’t get anything noticeable from it and I’ve gone beyond 10g. Still have a decent amount left in a tub. Occasionally I’ll take a load of it just to see if anythings different. I don’t get much of anything noticeable from most any of the racetams apart from phenylpiracetam. If you like piracetam try phenylpiracetam. I wish coluracetam worked for me the reports made it sound so creative, and I liked the name haha.

Modafinil Noopept stack 

I continue to suffer from residual effects from a mTBI in 2007 and another in 2012. My main issues are chronic fatigue, concentration, focus, memory, and motivation. After arguing with the VA psychiatrist about my issues, to include RBANS cognitive testing confirming my issues, I used private insurance and my doctor put me on Adderall 30 mg bid. It worked great for several months, but now I can fall asleep on it. I was looking at using Noopept and/or modafinil on days I have nursing school and adderall for non school days but still need energy to care for my household. Noopept is quick but has a short half life. Can it be taken with modafanil? Any stack combinations so I’m not taking ten different substances? I know not one size fits all, but I have a very high tolerance to stimulants. I use Kratom daily for back pain and even the whites are not energetic.

Yes noopept can be taken with modafinil with no noticeable side effects (for me at least).I would recommend you include phenylpiracetam into your rotation so you’re less likely to develop tolerance to the moda or amphetamine. Basically try noopept twice a day every day along with either moda, adderal or phenyl. Keep in mind using any of those three daily will result in tolerance, phenylpiracetam being the quickest. Phenyl can be a bit pricey, if that’s the case for you then may be try piracetam proper.


Modafinil and Choline stack

Is choline bitartrate a must with modafinil?

Answer 1

Well technically choline supplementation isn’t necessary Modafinil, as it doesn’t act on acetylcholine. However, both of these drugs can cause depleted levels of it thus why it may be beneficial. It really depends on the person though.

 Answer 2
I’m not an expert but I think that amino acids, caffeine and probiotics interact with food and should be taken with empty stomach. Most other medications or supplements should not interact with food unless they say so. (please correct me if i’m wrong)
Modafinil Adderall stack
Has anyone taking Modafinil plus Adderall at the same time?
It’s overkill and will mess with your dopamine receptors. It’s not going to kill you most likely just a really bad idea
Answer 2
I’ve tried it, and it was immensely enjoyable. Then again, rushes of euphoria are not the best quality for a nootropic cocktail to have, suggesting I did more than was advisable

Final Thoughts on Modafinil

Though there are a long list of side effects from using this medication, they occur in a small percentage of people – with some individuals already having had some of them present prior to taking the medication. This medication appears to benefit adult patients significantly and presents few risks to adults who have trouble staying awake. Modafinil effects on the brain are clearly beneficial for the majority of the population for a number of reasons, but due to the risks involved, the use of it much always be discussed in detail with your doctor.