Modafinilcat modup and duckdose are closed – review of the best alternatives

In the last few years, vendors like ModafinilCat, Modup and Duckdose have surfaced to meet increased demand for modafinil. Most of this demand is from the English-speaking world – particularly the US, Canada, Australia and the UK. Unfortunately either ModafinilCat, Modup or Duckdose are closed. How to determine new vendor and what is modafinil?

If you’re unfamiliar – modafinil is prescription drug used to combat fatigue and narcolepsy. Some interesting facts about the drug:

The Airforce tested the drug in fighter pilots and found that modafinil maintained performance within 15-30% of baseline, whereas the control group declined by 50-100% due to fatigue (read the study).
Modafinil is also being used to mitigate fatigue and promote concentration in surgeons (read the study).

Buying Modafinil Without A Prescription: Risky?
There are many reasons you might want to test the water with modafinil but might have trouble getting it from a physician.

Buying prescription drugs online might seem like a shady enterprise. And in many cases, that’s true. But modafinil is an exception. Modafinil is schedule IV in the US, which means it’s less tightly regulated than drugs of abuse like Adderall or Xanax. That’s why modafinil is almost never seized by customs; buying modafinil online is generally uneventful for the consumer.

What are the best modafinilcat, modup and duckdose alternatives?

There exist numerous online stores that sell modafinil, also referred to as smart drugs, but the problem is that not all of them offer products of the highest quality. Luckily, on this page, you will find a selection of the most trusted suppliers that provide affordable prices, high-quality drugs, and the best customer support.
When purchasing modafinil it is essential to be aware of 3 important aspects related to modafinil supplies, such as:

  • Quality of service – this includes several factors:
    How well the drugs are packed (if they are protected with bubble-wrap or something similar) and also how well the products are shipped;
    Compensation in case the package gets stolen, lost, or you receive the wrong or low-quality product (bad smell, taste, or appearance).
  • Client loyalty – if they give discounts to those who purchase drugs on the regular basis or refer other customers to the online store. You can see many positive reviews on reddit about the highest quality pills supplied by modup and duckdose.
    Range of drugs – this refers to how large the selection of products is. The best suppliers of nootropics have almost all the smart drugs that are available nowadays. Some of the options include noopept, aniracetam, phenibut, adrafinil, piracetam, agmatine, and others. Also, there are stores that sell research drugs, such as Dihexa, Ceberolysin, NSI-189, Flmodafinil, and others. But, such medications should not be referred to as nootropics, because they haven’t been properly tested.
  • Value is what you will receive for the price. Some of the best online pharmacies that offer nootropics allow you to save as much money as possible. You will be able to get discounts, thus making the prices even more affordable. It’s especially great when you know your reaction to a certain nootropic and you want to buy enough to last you for a long time.
    Another thing to pay attention to when buying smart drugs is safety. The online stores that you can find below all feature safe drugs that have been thoroughly tested by professionals. What’s even better is that they come with the certificate of analysis (CoA) provided by a third party. The certificate guarantees that the drugs have been tested by a third-party lab for their purity. When visiting some stores, you will see the CoA right on the page with drugs while in other stores, you will have to get in touch with.

Below there are top 3 suppliers which from our opinion are the best modafinilcat, modup and duckdose alternatives: