Modafresh 200 review: modafinil by Sunrise Remedies

I began taking Modafresh by Sunrise Remedies about a month ago and I am selective about which days I do so as I’m still monitoring the effects upon myself. I take no other pharmaceuticals or recreational drugs. I’m a 30 year old male, 6 feet tall, 170lbs, in good physical and mental health, and I teach English as a foreign language for a living. My primary reasons for taking Modafresh are to avoid afternoon fatigue (which I suffer regardless of how well I’ve slept the night before) and to improve concentration.

On a normal work day, I take 100mg in the morning and find myself still fresh by evening. On days with a heavier load, perhaps if I’m giving extra classes, I take an additional 100mg of modafresh mid-afternoon. On days off, I work on personal web development and coding projects for which the dose is modafresh 200 mg in the morning.

When it comes to teaching, the greatest improvement is in the ability to interact with the students. I have classes of 7 year olds, who are usually a whirlwind of insanity, up to teenagers, whose indifference to learning is palpable. Holding on to the flitting attention spans of kids and remaining cheery in the face of apathetic teens (as well as remaining calm when presented with the occasional intentional provocation) comes more easily, and the lack of fatigue means that I have the energy to physically keep up with kids who spend most of the class running around (there are days when I am literally used as a climbing frame by the youngest kids).

With personal projects, my focus is almost 100% on what I’m doing. Hours fly past with hardly a glance up and there is little to no “Just a quick peek at reddit” attitude which might otherwise take up time. However, I have found myself ignoring thirst or the call of nature (don’t worry – not for too long) as I tell myself “Just one more minute, I’ll solve this and then get some water”. Then, whoops! it’s an hour later and I’m still sitting there thirsty.

On the subject of focus, make sure you have something to do with it! I took my first dose (100mg) modafinil to check whether there would be any adverse affects; I experienced nothing negative but had not planned anything so spent the day bouncing from one thing to another – a book, a game of chess, staring out the window. It wasn’t a bad experience but I feel that the dose could have been put to better use.

Additionally, I have been learning to read sheet music. Although I haven’t taken Modafresh specifically for this, I have practised while on Modafinil and found that I read music and learn tunes more rapidly.

Lastly, I feel more chilled out in general which is, perhaps, because I’m not drinking several cups of coffee and/or energy drinks every day. If the only effect of Modafinil was to eliminate fatigue for 12 hours, I would still be happy to take it.